Sunday, May 16, 2004

Starting Out

This may not sound like a disclaimer, but it probably will turn out to be. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and this all started back in September of 2002. I had another blog going at an overpriced internet cafe that I used to go to, but it imploded when said cafe went belly-up. I'm mostly just looking for a place to record my thoughts, and the hard drive on the box that I'm looking at seems to invite lots of pests. Having this kind of stuff on someone else's server, where it becomes their responsibility not to lose it, sounds much less stressful to me. My instinct is to just flat-out write that you shouldn't take anything you read here seriously, but I'll wait until I've posted a few entries (and reviewed them) before I condemn what may lay ahead.
I'm a teacher, and I love my job. I'm also acting as much as possible (which isn't a whole lot) on the side to help pay the bills. I plan to cover both of these areas, and many more, in future posts. Baseball (Yakult beat Yomiuri tonight!), crows, toilets and art will most likely make appearances here at one point or another.
Thanks in advance for your patience and your sense of humor.

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