Sunday, May 23, 2004

The Umbrella Song (Tokyo Ondo)

Here are the lyrics to the song that Yakult fans sing when they score a run. It's more fun if you're holding an umbrella over your head while singing it! (In hiragana and English.)

おどりおどるならばちょいととうきょうおんど。よい! よい!
はなのみやこの、はなのみやこのまんなかで それ! やっとなそれ よい! よい!  よい!
やっとなそれよい! よい! よい!

Kutabare Yomiuri, kutabare Yomiuri, kutabare Yomiuri, kutabare Yomiuri, Ah-
Odori odorunaraba choito Tokyo Ondo. Yoi! Yoi!
Hanano miyakono, hanano miyakono mannakade sore! Yattona sore Yoi! Yoi! Yoi!
Yattona sore Yoi! Yoi! Yoi!

This is the song that is also sung during the seventh inning stretch, so you're guaranteed to witness it at least once per evening. (They sang it three times during the game this evening.) I'm not entirely clear on the meaning of all of the lyrics, but I do know that the first line simply reads, "Go to hell, Yomiuri". That's enough to get me to sing it!

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