Thursday, June 24, 2004


Just received my second burn in one week. All it takes is a half hour under the sun, and I'm bright pink. The temperature is confidently above 30 degrees centigrade these days, and I think it's about to get worse. We've got the door open, and the fan pulling cool nighttime air in, but it's not doing much. It's still 29.5 degrees in here next to the computer.

The air conditioning nazis on the second floor at work won't relinquish their control of the AC on our floor. They keep a slow trickle of chill coming out of the vents, and it does nothing to cool the rooms that we're in on the fourth floor. They sit at desks all day, so they're apparently just fine. I would really love for one of them to come upstairs and teach a class in that heat. The students are dying as well! Apparently they're trying to conserve resources. There aren't any hand dryers in the bathrooms either. Towels? Yeah, right. They're probably planning to ration toilet paper next.

SPF 20 sunblock isn't enough to prevent the sun from having a BBQ on my body. I need nerd-care, SPF 40, I guess.

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