Saturday, September 18, 2004

Babysitting 4

Ruka, Yasu and Michiko's daughter, has been spending time with us recently. She's about the same age that Miyu was when we first started hanging out. She's adorable, and she seems to be quite a bit different from Miyu in a number of areas. She seems a little tougher, and she eats a ton!

I hope to get Miyu to take some responsibility for Ruka's English education. It might be a good way to get Miyu to use English a bit more--if I can figure out how to do it. Ruka and Miyu get along really well. Ruka doesn't totally trust me yet, but that will come.

Miyu just turned three! She also graduated from diapers to big-girl underwear. I don't remember how long I wore diapers for, but I don't think it was three years. Yukiko says that children these days don't feel any rush to abandon them due to the fact that they're so comfortable. I guess most materials would probably be easier to deal with than the cloth diapers that many of us were subjected to.

As for her English, she is able to produce full sentences quite comfortably. She doesn't do it without prompting, but she is more confident than she used to be. Her listening comprehension is also quite strong now. She can handle most situations, although expressions involving 'probability' are sometimes a bit much for her to handle. We recently had an argument when I suggested that it 'might' rain soon. She went on and on about how it wasn't raining right then... I think she finally got the picture when I took her outside and she saw how dark the sky looked.

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