Saturday, October 09, 2004

Typhoons and Stuff

Haven't experienced the true force of a typhoon before. T-minus one hour and counting... The electricity is probably going to go soon, so I thought I'd get one of these fired off before that happens. The news says that this is one of the more powerful ones to ever bear down on Tokyo. Oh, joy.

The Swallows are in second and battling to hold off the stupid Giants. There are a few games left, so it could go either way.

Not too long ago I heard 'no' on about three or four auditions in a row. However, things have picked up again. I just got the last two jobs that I tried out for. The law of averages is a wonderful thing.

The misinformation campaign has entered its final stages, and the American people are probably very used to getting lied to by now. Whether or not that means that their instincts to ask more difficult questions, and demand straight answers, have been sharpened has yet to be seen. My ballot should be arriving in the mail shortly. Not that it matters. I'm from Vermont. Back home, phrases referring to something that 'swings' are usually descriptions of people's dating styles.

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