Saturday, January 07, 2006

Beware of!

I spent about 15 minutes trying to track down the name of an old friend from when I lived in Spain. I was easily able to find his address and phone number, but no email address. Didn't hotmail used to have a service where they would let you mail other hotmail members through a search function? They would allow you to send an email, but they didn't allow you to see the person's email address until that person decided to write back to you. I can't find that service now--just the MSN white pages...

Anyway, I clicked on a link that said it would help me find my friend's email address. That link directed me to In bright red letters informed me that they would reveal all of their information on my friend if I registered as a non-paying member of their site. Harmless enough, right? Well, on the very next page they informed me that my registration went through successfully, but that, alas, they had no information on my friend. In my book, they lied to me.

So, to quickly rescue my email address from additional spam, I raced to my inbox, and found my confirmation email. Instead of confirming my account, I went back to their website and asked them to delete my account. I might add that it isn't nearly as straightforward as it should be to delete one's account. At least not as easy as it is to delete your blog on

After going through the necessary motions to delete my account, I received this email from

We received your request to be removed from the database. This is assigned Help Request number..............................
The account associated with email address {mailto:{blahblahblah} is now queued for deletion.

Please allow 10 business days for processing of the removal request. (bold lettering mine)

If you have billing or other issues please go to
and create a separate ticket with the appropriate category.


Customer, Inc.

I'm pissed that they plan to take 10 days to delete an account that took me less than 10 seconds to create! Let me see, how many organizations can you sell someone's email address to in 10 days?

I wonder how many other people have been lied to by

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