Saturday, January 07, 2006

Foundation Human Nature USA

I found a great non-profit organization that is doing wonderful things. With all the nonsense that is going on in the world, it's nice that some people are focusing their energy on helping the people who have been forgotten.

Foundation Human Nature USA ( has set out to try to help the small, overlooked communities in Ecuador and Ghana. They focus on health, environmental, education, and economic issues, and they have some very motivated volunteers working for them. I followed along in complete awe as a group of amazing people travelled to Ecuador to help erect a new clinic, and teach the local population about some of the health issues that they were facing. That last sentence doesn't even begin to explain all of the things that they did while they were there.

There are many of us who are very excited about this group of people, and what they are trying to do! I have been donating money to their cause online for over a year now, and I would encourage others to do the same. I usually donate with my debit card through a website called Network for Good ( I think they take 3% of the donation as a transaction fee, but it's worth it.

Network for Good has a large library of causes that are worthy of donations, and they make the process quite simple. You can easily look for a non-profit/volunteer organization that is doing things that matter to you, and then start giving whenever you're ready! As far as I'm concerned, the small group of inspired people at Foundation Human Nature USA ( deserve all the support they can get! Please join me in helping them reach more communities in the future.

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