Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Pellegrini's in Tokyo, Japan

Above: The spread that the Watanabe's cooked up for us! Middle: (back l-r) Christopher, Kate, Scott, and Yong-nam (front l-r) Daiki, Dad, and Mom. Below: (back l-r) Masumi, Michiko (holding Rin), Masaki (Masumi's husband), Akira (front l-r) Yasu (Michiko's husband), Ruka, Yukiko, Miyu, Mamoru, and Daiki. Masumi, Yasu, and Akira are Yukiko and Mamoru's three children. Miyu and Daiki are Masumi and Masaki's children. Rin and Ruka belong to Michiko and Yasu.

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