Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yesterday and Tomorrow

We went to my friend Dave's gig last night. It was somewhere out near Ueno - on the Saitama side of Ueno. He plays the drums in a band called Life After Failing, and he's good. The band itself is definitely worth the price of admission. They're a jam band: two guitars, and Dave sits in the back hitting things.

They played in jam band heaven - if there is such a thing as heaven for jam bands here in Tokyo. The place is called Yukotopia, and it was set up by a dead head. Apparently he saw the Grateful Dead play more than 200 shows live back in the day. Two jam bands, including Life After Failing, played last night.

Tomorrow, Hiromi is getting married! Both of us were invited, and this will be our first wedding in Japan. We're very excited! I'm tempted to wear my pink suit, but maybe I'll save that for when our friends Arata and Junko get hitched this summer.

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow.

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