Friday, February 03, 2006

Crazy Week

It was a good week for me in terms of acting. I only had two auditions, but I managed to snag three jobs. On Monday I was hired to welcome guests at a media event for the launching of the "NEW" SOKENBICHA. That's a popular variety of bottled tea that is sold in every convenience store here, for those who are wondering.

I don't really think it's new though. I think it's just the same product in a different bottle. Similar to what they do with beer over here. Same product, different color can, big to-do.

Wednesday was an all-day shoot for NTT Flets (TV commercial) that will hit the airwaves some time later this month. I was one of the lead actors in that one.

Today I did a modeling job for a company that imports and sells expensive watches.

It has turned out to be my second best week ever (financially speaking). My best week was the beginning of last November.

I've never had two major commercials airing at the same time, so that's going to be a first. The Canon commercial is still due to run through May.

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