Friday, February 17, 2006

NTT Flet's TV Commercial

I found a clip of me acting in a TV commercial on the web (taken from Japanese TV). It's an NTT commercial. NTT is the biggest phone company in the country. Flet's is that company's broadband internet wing.

The commercial is in Japanese, but I show up in the middle and talk for a bit. This is actually the full one minute version that is only shown on the web. The TV version is divided into two separate 30-second spots.

A quick summary: an old-school company operating in modern times runs up against some insurmountable competition in the form of NTT Flet's. The boss is out of the loop, and is enraged to learn how far behind the curve his company has slipped. He demands to know why and how his company could possibly be losing out to NTT. The maverick/wiseass of the company (that's me) chimes in and tells him exactly why NTT is much better than the company he runs (complete with morse code technicians and Carrier Pigeons).

If you click on the link, you will be led to a page on the NTT Flet's website. A video clip will automatically pop up. To play the commercial again, click on the yellow 'TVCM' bar that is directly above and to the left of the black box containing the picture of the earth.

Click here to watch the 60-second version.
(edit: sorry, the video has since been deactivated)

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