Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Paris Hilton's Sex Movie For Rent

I was at Tsutaya this afternoon. Tsutaya is a chain rental shop here in Japan. You can rent videos, DVD's, and CD's there, and they have branches at most major stations in Tokyo. I usually rent several CD's at once, and one or two DVD's (Tuesdays are half price day at the one near where I work). I found this DVD on display with all the major Hollywood releases. "One Night in Paris" is her famous sex scandal video. This photo was taken with the camera on my cell phone, so it's not going to be very big. There are two reasons why I took a picture of it:
a) the DVD is being displayed in the New Releases/Best Sellers section of the shop (which includes lots of Disney flicks so plenty of kids wander through there), and
b) I didn't realize that this was legally on the market. I guess Paris didn't stop the circulation of this DVD because she is grateful for the amount of publicity it has generated for her...maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe this isn't supposed to be on the market. Anybody know?

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