Wednesday, March 15, 2006


They're still fuming here over that blown call the other night. I have no idea how well the press has been covering things back in the states, but just about everybody and her sister has added their two yen on this one.

After seeing the replay of the play at the plate, I recalled seeing a foreign face making the calls behind home during the Japan v. Korea game (played at Tokyo Dome) earlier this month. I think the argument that a third party ump should officiate during international games is definitely sound. Most of the Japanese officials that govern the game over here are years and years better than Davidson (the home plate umpire during the Japan v. America game), and it's very puzzling that they weren't invited to ref some of the games.

Well, justice may be served in the end. It looks like team USA is on the bubble in terms of qualification for the third round, and Japan might be able to squeak through despite being robbed a few nights ago. America is going to have to do a number on team Mexico in their last game of round two in order to qualify for the next round.

The upcoming Japan v. Korea game should be a good one!

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