Friday, April 28, 2006


This isn't easy. We've managed to pack a box or two every night over the past week, but very little seems to have changed. It's annoying. Everything is cluttered, nothing seems to have actually been moved, and we now have half a living room filled with boxes.

We have a moving company coming to pick up all of the big, bulky stuff (fridge, bed, kitchen table, etc.), so those items are still making the place look like we don't intend to leave. From what I've been told, the movers will just march in here with huge blue blankets, wrap the computer up, and march it down the stairs. The TV, printer, DVD player, and my dartboard will experience a similar style of abduction. Then we just have to make sure that everything looks mildly presentable for our landlord.

There are a couple of dents in the wall that we're going to have to pay for, but other than that the place is in pretty good shape. The tatami also needs to be replaced, but that's normal. Apparently they're supposed to be replaced every time a tennant moves out.

My back is sore from moving things around (and from playing with the kids), but I'm going to play soccer tomorrow anyway.

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