Friday, April 06, 2007

Tokyo Finally Wins!!

Ishii threw one-run ball through seven innings on five hits and three walks. The good defense provided by Iihara, Miyamoto, Tanaka, and Riggs, teamed with a couple of well-timed stikeouts, definitely helped ensure that his era would dip back down under 2.00 (currently 1.929).
Ramirez and Iihara chipped in with solo home runs, and Tokyo roughed up Hanshin middle-reliever Hashimoto for three runs in the bottom of the seventh to put the game out of reach. Takastsu provided adequate cover for his first save of the season.

It was a slow game from the start, and it was definitely a relief to get the first win of the season. We should have gotten the win on Tuesday, but a bit of rusty pitching combined with Kanemoto at the plate did away with that dream. Once again tonight, Tokyo outhit their opponents.

As I have said many times before, top three is not a big stretch for us (no matter what all of the baseball talking heads say) so long as we stay healthy. Yes, losing Iwamura was a big deal, but our young guys are a year better, so we should start to see some good things from them. We just beat the team who is hands down the number two team in the Central league (even I admit that), and they don't look nearly as sharp as they did last year (yes, I know it's only April). I'd say that we still have a shot at the playoffs.

And if old stand-by's like Shiroishi, Suzuki (Ken), and the like are kept out of the lineup for the bulk of the season, then Tokyo should be OK.

Congrats are in order for Ishii (Kazuhisa), who, as always, looked like crap from the stands, but managed to pitch a rather solid seven innings. Also, Iihara deserves at least two beers for the kick in the ass he gave to Miyade (who took the day off).

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