Sunday, May 13, 2007

Huh. Three Straight Losses.

It's turning out to be that kind of season. We have another starting pitcher who is in need of time away from the rotation, so we are temporarily without the services of our steadiest hurler, Greisinger. Seems he has some shoulder issues...hopefully he'll feel healthy enough to get back into the rotation before he's missed three or four starts (fingers crossed).

So the current tally is one loss to the Baystars followed by consecutive losses to the Hanshin Tigers. Game three of the Hanshin series is this evening. Yes, I will be at the game.

In (slightly) positive news, the bats at the top of our lineup continue to move runners around the diamond. Aoki, Ramirez, and Miyamoto are getting it done. Iihara and Guiel are also coming into their own week by week. Fujii pitched quite well (by his standards) the other night, so that was a heart-warming sign as well.

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