Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Shot at Video-Blogging

Update 2: The first video was removed because the quality was crap. Please have a look at the video down below.

This is kind of a test. I want to see what kind of sound and video quality are possible here. I also would like to test the potential of my phone's video camera when at it's lowest quality setting.

Anyway, I went to visit Ken and Miyuki at their beautiful place near Yoga station, and then we all headed down to the river for the fireworks show. It was my third one this summer, and I think it was probably the best of the three.

This video was taken toward the end of the show.

How did it look on your computer? Sound?

Update 1:

OK, if you haven't watched that first one, then you're lucky. It didn't go well. The video below was taken at a higher quality setting (on my phone). It looks OK in Quicktime, but (again) it might not work that well when Blogger messes with it.

This is a clip from the Awaodori Festival in Koenji this past weekend.

Please let me know how it looks on your computer.

Hint: Turn the volume (lower right corner) way down!

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