Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Game Sucked Tonight Thank You Very Much

I'm so glad that I paid to see the game in person rather than reading about it in the news tomorrow morning.

Long story short: we have only two steady starting pitchers. When it's someone else's turn to pitch, it is very quickly decided that there will be no stemming of the bloodbath. Humiliating games will be allowed to become even more so in the name of playing time for our weaker/younger pitchers.

It's lots of fun to watch.

Final score:
Tokyo 2 -- 12 Hanshin

Silver lining:
Sikorski was called back up from the farm team, and he pitched four innings in relief after our young starter, Takaichi, got pulled early. He walked four and struck out five. He lowered his era to 5.11.

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