Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lindsay Ann Hawker Update

The Hawker family was able to get the Japanese media (Japan Times) to run another article related to their frustration with the investigation into their daughter's murder.

The case has gone cold and Mr. and Mrs. Hawker are upset that communication with the Japanese authorities has been so vague and inconsistent.

Mrs. Hawker is quoted as having said, "Although we understand that there are some aspects of the case the police need to keep confidential, we don't feel that the standard of the investigation is the same as in the United Kingdom."

Sadly, Mrs. Hawker is completely accurate in her assessment of what is taking place in Tokyo and Chiba. There are allegedly 100 officers assigned to finding the prime suspect, Tatsuya Ichihashi, but very few of them have any real training or experience in investigating anything other than stolen bicycles.

Mr. Hawker cited the urgency of the hunt for Ichihashi when he said that "...we are concerned that he could strike again and leave another family facing a life sentence like we are." This very point has been argued before on several websites, including this one and Trans-Pacific Radio, as several key details of the murder bear a close resemblance to those of a sexual predator who is likely to strike again.

A website has been set up to facilitate global awareness of this case and to educate people that Ichihashi could be anywhere in the world right now.

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