Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow, That Was Odd

Tokyo completely dismantled Miura and the rest of Yokohama this evening.

Final score:

Tokyo 15 -- 1 Yokohama

There was no dark cloud today, so I can't really speak of a silver lining. Everything seemed to go right tonight.

The only two innings we didn't score in were the 5th and 7th. Third year right-hander Kenichi Matsuoka scattered 10 hits over eight innings while giving up only 1 run in his sixth mound appearance of the season. He improved to 3-0. Meanwhile, Yokohama ace, Miura, was chased after only three innings of work. He gave up eight hits and six earned runs during those three long frames (71 pitches). Miura's record now sits at 9-10.

Picking a "hero" for this game would be tough. Matsuoka might be a logical choice, but several other guys had a very productive game as well. Iihara went 3 for 5 with one rbi. Aoki went 4 for 6. Ramirez went 2 for 5 with 2 rbi's, and Guiel clubbed his 24th dinger of the season. Tanaka, was 4 for 6 with 2 rbi's. However, the crown should probably go to Miyade who went 3 for 4 with five rbi's (including a three run home run).

Woohoo! Two in a row! I'm not going to get too excited though. It's only our sixth win since the break.

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