Friday, September 14, 2007

Tokyo Swallows

Tokyo followed for straight losses with a pair of wins over the mighty Yomiuri Giants.

Uehara was lucky to escape Tuesday's rain-delayed game (he was in the middle of getting embarrassed when the rain allowed him some time to regroup and collect his thoughts). He got the save on Tuesday, but his services weren't needed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tokyo outhit Yomiuri 40-18 in the three game series, and in the last two games Tokyo's pitching never posed a serious problem.

Tuesday's Game:
Tokyo 5--6 Yomiuri
W: Kisanuki (12-7, 3.07 era)
L: Ishii (7-9, 4.39)

Wednesday's Game:
Tokyo 9--4 Yomiuri
W: Fujii (6-9, 4.70)
L: Utsumi (12-7, 2.76)

Thursday's Game:
Tokyo 5--0 Yomiuri
W: Ishikawa (3-6, 4.58) [complete game]
L: Kubo (3-4, 4.15)

Tokyo now sits 15 games behind third-place Yomiuri (and a spot in the playoffs).

Silver Lining (in reference to the "15 games behind" part--not the "taking two of three from Yomiuri"):

Ishikawa pitched a complete game shutout on only 102 pitches. He was perfect through 4 1/3 innings. It has been a long time since he's won a game, so I'm sure he's just as tickled as everyone else.

Sikorski continues to lower his era (currently 3.27). After a rocky start to the season (he actually came in part-way through the first half of the season), he has proved himself to be a reliable middle reliever. You've gotta like his demeanor when he's out there. He doesn't hide from big hitters, and he doesn't get flustered when somebody gets a hit off him. And his work ethic is perfect for Japan. I've never met the guy, but it's easy to see that he wants to be pitching every night of the week. Furuta has obliged by using him for a couple of innings once or twice a series.

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