Wednesday, November 21, 2007

iPod Pricing

I found this old receipt while cleaning.
It's from April of 2004 when I got my first iPod.
The reason why I'm posting it here is because of the price (sorry if it's hard to read).
A 40GB iPod (3rd Generation?) cost 55,440 yen back then!
Throw in the dock connector and the total is 57, 960 yen ($531 according to the current exchange rate).
I'm glad that I forked over the extra cash for the iPod protection plan because last April I was able to trade in my original iPod and get a new one for free. The replacement is now semi-permanently attached to the stereo in the living room.
In September I upgraded to an 80GB iPod Classic. If memory serves, it cost me 29,800 yen ($273).
Funny how that works.
At this rate, in April of 2010 the price of a 160GB iPod, which will probably be the size of the current Nano by then, should be around 16,000 yen ($147).

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