Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Guess Which Team Greisinger Signed With?

Yup, the same place that Ramirez signed.

Yomiuri and Greisinger have signed off on a two-year 500 million yen (unconfirmed) deal.

Great. Now the Yankees of Japan have the top three starters in the Central league. Uehara is slated to move back to the starter's role, and as you'll recall he's no slouch. That means that Yomiuri will have its hands full deciding who it's ace is. Uehara, Takahashi and Greisinger all pitching on consecutive nights for the same team (with Kroon coming in to tidy up any close contests). I'm sure everybody in Yomiuriland is just tickled that there's no salary cap in Japan.

Furthermore, Yomiuri can just let the rest of its bullpen battle it out for those last two rotation slots. There's a lot of talent in there, so the competition should be fierce. Utsumi and Kisanuki have to be the favorites for numbers four and five, but the depth is there to make sure that, even if there are a couple of injuries, Yomiuri will be able to maintain the best rotation in Japan.

Call me crazy, but I've got them pencilled in as Central league champs already.

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