Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ramirez Signs Big Deal with Yomiuri

Alex Ramirez (formerly of the Tokyo Swallows) is slated to earn 1 billion yen from his two-year deal with the Yomiuri Giants. It was not mentioned whether or not that figure includes incentives.

A few of us were half-wondering why he wasn't (openly) contemplating a move to the majors, but the answer may now be clear.

Yomiuri was hoping to add some right-handed power-hitting to its lefty-dominated lineup, and Ramirez would fill that void nicely on most any team either side of the Pacific (judging by how he played this past season).

It was reported that the Swallows refused to offer Ramirez more than a one-year deal. If that's the case, then shame on them! I know that it's common for a lot of players to be let go when a new manager comes in, but Ramirez now ranks very favorably among the elite hitters in Japanese baseball history. I think most will agree that he's got several good years ahead of him.

Tokyo deserved to lose him.

I just wish it wasn't to Yomiuri.

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