Monday, August 04, 2008

TV Commercials (except the ones I'm in) are Evil

Back in the day, commercial advertising in the states was limited to either A-list celebs, or nobodies like me.

But recently things in the US have become more Japanese. A lot of the lines that were never crossed before, such as the stars of a TV drama leading an ad that airs in the middle of said drama, are miles behind us now.

I've never been a fan of TV commercials (although they sometimes help pay the bills), but Corey Levitan puts it more eloquently than I normally do:

Just as advertisers weaseled themselves onto pay cable and into DVDs, they've figured out how to prevent me from skipping over their irrelevant and annoying messages on television as well.

And it's you weasels who let them do it.

If you're a TV commercial hater, then give the rest of this a read.