Thursday, September 11, 2008

Shaky Face Photos

I've been sitting on these photos for a while, and I have a couple minutes, so I thought I'd get them out there for others to enjoy.

These are from a night on the town back in August with a bunch of the good people from the greater Burlington area.

This was Matt's idea. The rules are simple. Relax the skin and muscles that hold your face in place, and when the camera is ready, shake your head back and forth very quickly like you just got out of the shower and you're trying to get the excess water out of your hair. Snap photo.

Shaky face!

Believe it or not, Matt and Travis's significant others (Kate and Devon, respectively) were present for this. Ryan's missus was smart and stayed home with their adorable daughter.

The above pic was not the best example of shaky face that we saw that night. It is, without a doubt, difficult to get three guys to contort their facial matter in the same hilarious way when the shutter clicks.

There's also the fact that shaking one's face fast enough to induce a slapping sound when your cheek hits your ear can hurt a little bit. A minor detail, really. Two or three minutes and half a pint are recommended between shakes.

Rest assured, this all makes a lot more sense when you've reached your third drinking establishment of the evening.

But the individual efforts were impressive. This one of Kate's brother, Ben, is an eye-opener.

And not to be outdone, Ryan got one wobbling for the crowd.

I've been telling people that this was taken just after I smacked him for a comment he made about the Chicago Bears, but alas that is not the case.

Ryan did this to himself.

Anyway, go ahead and give shaky face a try. It helps if you have a digital camera with relatively high specs, say six megs or more. The camera used for these shots is a 10 meg unit.

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