Friday, July 25, 2008

Myojo Ippei-chan TV Commercial

I haven't seen it yet, but my good friend sent me another photo of her television as soon as she saw this TV commercial hit the small screen. Here's one that she sent me last year.

This one is for Myojo's "Ippei-chan" cup ramen and it's apparently on air all the time.

I'm not wearing glasses in this one, so I'm having a harder time flying below the radar. I've resorted to telling my students at the university that I have a twin brother, named Scott, that is the one appearing on TV.

And some of them actually believe me when I tell them that.

Anyway, for a short version of this TV commercial, you can go to this website.

Quick synopsis: I play a non-Japanese, ramen-obsessed nerd that is desperately seeking something that is called "koku-uma". The business man that I try to get to help me doesn't know what I'm talking about, and a little word-play comedy ensues (he shows up with the wrong thing three times).

After some more searching, we happen upon a koku-uma ramen shop and everyone (especially me!) is happy.

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